Crosscut and Interconnected


Artist brings her exploration of bamboo to PDX

Anne Crumpacker’s unique crosscut method shown in six large-scale bamboo sculptures

Portland International Airport showcases the work of Anne Crumpacker, a Portland based artist with a master’s degree in fine arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her studio is located on the South Waterfront in Portland. The exhibit, Bamboo Art: Crosscut & Interconnected, is on display along Concourse E through July 28, 2014.

Through her intuitive work method, Crumpacker allows patterns to naturally emerge. The themes of interconnectedness and Japanese aesthetics figure prominently in her work. Through use of the circles, she communicates the interconnectedness of cultures and the interaction of collective unconscious. Crumpacker conveys an orderliness and simplicity, inherent in Japanese aesthetics, as she reveals the beauty in imperfect, irregular forms.

Crumpacker approaches her work with an attitude of constant discovery. In her words, “Creativity is a lifelong practice and the artistic process shapes the individual. It teaches us that the fundamental beauty of things is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It guides us to do only what is necessary to convey what is essential.”

Travelers can call 503.415.6898 to hear the artist talk about her work. Photos are available at, or in the PDX art exhibit photo album on the Port of Portland’s Facebook page.

PDX’s dynamic art program illustrates the diverse culture of the Pacific Northwest by showcasing a variety of works through ongoing relationships with regional artists and art organizations.